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Steven D. Green
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Monday, May 4, 2009

"On edge and angry"

Day 6th

The prosecution concluded their case today. Green appeared a little bit more light hearted during today’s proceedings. Before I forget: yellow button down. He also appeared to have shaved…on Friday, the U.S. Marshall service allegedly refused to give Green his razor for reasons unknown.
The second to last witness for the prosecution was Blake Huggins. Huggins became friends with Green in 2004 after meeting him through Green’s brother Doug. Huggins testified of talking to Green via cell phone, stating that he “seemed really negative… he seemed like he’d been through a lot.” Huggins was by far the most “spacey” witness to have testified thus far. Green reportedly compared what he’d seen to the Michael J Fox/Sean Penn war drama Casualties of War. Huggins said Green did mention the murder/rape to him, occurring in the Triangle of Death. Cross? Nuffin’.
The next witness was Noah Galloway, a former soldier who Green and his fellow soldiers had witness lose an arm and a leg to an IED. At taking the stand, he was spotted giving the defendant a “cheerful smirk,” if you will. Galloway was the radio/telephone operator for Bravo Company(RTO). His relationship began with Green after hearing of his discharge. He stated he wanted to talk to Green about his VA benefits. Green allegedly told him about the crimes but Noah didn’t want to get involved because “it was too soon for me to just jump into something, I was still recovering in Germany.” For the defense, Pat Bouldin took the stage again. He made one big point: during Galloway’s first deployment in ’04, he saw only one death the entire time, but during his second deployment, within a few months, he saw over fifteen(15) die before he himself was injured. He also requested Galloway show his injuries to the jury. “I don’t watch enough Court TV,” he added. At this point, the prosecution’s case concluded.
It was about 11 AM at this time, and there was a bit of legal confusion as to whether or not some of the defenses witnesses would be allowed to testify. Court reconvened at 1:30PM. The defense called Lieutenant Colonel Karen Marrs. She was the psychiatric nurse practioner who examined Green. She testified that Green was “very stressed about the deaths of Casica and Nelson.” Green was exposes to mortars, IEDs, wounded soldiers, and dead soldiers. According to Marrs, Green’s chief complaint was “It’s fucking pointless!” She spoke about his former use of illicit drugs, and his blackouts while drinking. She testified to his speech being “abnormally slow, as was his eye contact.” His mood? “On edge and angry.” She also mentioned his homicidal ideations and that he recognized the consequences of acting on impulses. She would later make the point that ideations do not mean intent to act upon said actions. Wendelsdorf for the defense extracted “soldiers can change over time” out of Marrs.
The defense MAY have one witness tomorrow before resting and moving on to closing statements. Expect a guilty/not guilty verdict by Wednesday, before moving to opening statements.

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