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Steven D. Green
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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Day 9

"We never denied his involvement in this case. Is this verdict a suprise to us? No. The goal in this case has always been to save our client's life. We're going to go to the most important phase, which is the sentencing phase, and we're going to accomplish that goal."
- Darren C. Wolff, Military Attorney, Defense

The title says it all. The jury of nine women and 3 men deliberated for a total of ten hours and forty minutes, convicting one Steven Dale Green on all sixteen counts(list of counts listed below). Eight of these counts could bring a death penalty, when sentencing rolls around.
As the jury entered the court room, Green(red sweater vest) let out a large sigh, not of relief, but seemingly of anxiety, knowing the weight of the words to come. As Judge Thomas Russell stated "The court will now publish the verdict," Green interlaced his fingers and clasped them over his chin. Russell read the verdict flatly and absolutely. Green went from looking down at each "guilty" to eyeing the jury. His shoulders dropped as he was convicted of count #11, aggravated sexual abuse, realizing what this means. A paralegal at the defense table consoled Green by patting him on his back, even herself breaking down crying at the end of the verdicts.

After Russell finished reading the verdicts, he begged questions of the respective attorneys. Wendelsdorf, intending to ensure the absolution of the verdict, requested the jury be polled. Honorable Judge Russell asked each juror if they agreed with these verdicts, receiving a simple-but-sufficient yes from all jurors. Green watched the jury flatly.

After the jurors were excused, the attorneys approached the bench. Green shook his head ever so slightly, coming out of the super-stoic shell he has been in. He pursed his lips as the judge exited the courtroom.

The sentencing phase will begin on Monday, May 11th. Word on "the street"(aka around the court house) says that the Prosecution will present around a halfday to a full day's worth of a case. The defense will present around a week's worth of testimony.

See you on Monday.


  1. Hey Evan Brite, It's Steven not Stephen.

  2. You know, I read for ever and ever that it was stePHen(because whomever I was reading obviously had it wrong as well) and I was so dead set on the 'ph' by the time the trial started I never even noticed.


  3. Just found your blog, what an amazing job you're doing, very impressive!

  4. Evan,
    this is an amazing blog. I'm really impressed by your coverage of these events. Found my way here because of a link on a political site. Your fame is spreading!

    t. in Maine

  5. I remember when this crime first happened. FDL linked to your blog reporting of the trial. Been reading it... thanks for your persistence over the last 9 days...

  6. Evan,
    Your coverage of this trial has been outstanding! I am so amazed by your hard work and dedication. Can't wait to see what you blog next week.