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Friday, May 22, 2009

evan's opinion and thankyous

This isn't the post you're looking for. If you want to see the final blog about closing statements and the verdict scroll down a bit or please click here.

Let's see here
(I'm gonna talk like an 18 year old now, get over it)....This has been one of the most incredible, astounding, and enlightening experiences of my life. That's really all I want to say about that.

People emailed asking for my own opinions:

This case was a tragedy snowball which began rolling the very day Steven Green was born, even before. Did Green screw up? Hell yeah. Did Barker, Cortez, and Spielman? Of course. Did the Army? ahhh, therein lies the ruse. Did Green's parents do their job? The plot thickens!

Let's be clear here: I'm not taking sides of this case. What happened, happened, and the jury decided what the...or no they didn't actually! Either way, now Green is imprisoned for life. But, if there's one thing I am going to opine that I have determined in reading/studying/noting/writing about all of this, it's that there are FAR. TOO. MANY. PLACES. where this snowball of i-don't-know-what, could have been stopped in it's tracks. Roxanne should have been a better mother. Roxanne and John(and possibly Daniel) should have been better parents. Doug could've been a little less of a bully to his lil' bro. His various highschools could've worked a little bit harder at giving a needy student the extra push he needed. Hell, Steve could've stuck to his Riddlin' sched and made better grades. Alright enough with the family. Onward to the Army. Green tried to enlist in the Army in several counties, and was denied due to his alcohol/pot record. Good job, those recruiters. Then Green and Daniel Carr made a hop/skip/jump over to New Mexico or somewhere, where that one recruiter decided to say to himself, "okay, hell, if this kid can pass high school in 6 months, I'll waive his drinkin' and smokin'." And look what happened. Look what became of his one exception. I hope he's reading this out there somewhere and you feel just great!

Alright. Green goes to Iraq. We've heard this story before and I'm not going to even get into how many soldiers or sergeants or various other sources have emailed me to weigh in on the subject and whether what was being said in court was the truth or not. I'm going to keep it simple. Dear Army, wake the **** up! Our army is miserly thieving soldiers of their benefits, is obviously faking innocence to something regarding Steven Green's case, and is APPARENTLY STILL DOING WHATEVER THAT MIGHT BE. We know Green and his buds messed up. But come ON! DAMN! Take responsibility for what you've done! You didn't totally screw up, Green's guilty for about a 1/3 of it, as are you, as are ...something with how that man grew up.

People were never on their toes around Steven Green. Things that should've set off alarms...didn't. People didn't tattle tail(oops). People didn't report. People didn't get him help(oops). People didn't pay him attention(oops). It's about the little things, people, the little things. They don't mean much NOW but in the long run, they add up. There might be some kind of trend there, with some of those LITTLE factors.

Next topic: lawyers. All the lawyers did an awesome job. I've only done mock trial for four years, so this is kind of a step up for me and I don't know everything. But in my opinion all of them were given an extremely shitty case and they made one hell of a case out of it for their respective sides. Again, not taking sides, but particularly the defense. Mountains out of molehills. The prosecution had their case from day 1. More professionalism than I ever hope to have to be around for this amount of time ever again!

As for the jury, I don't know. During guilt phase they could've agreed to give him guilty on all but not kill him when sentencing rolled around. A single juror could've walked in yesterday(it's 1:11AM, so 2 days ago now) and immediately said "you can deliberate all ya want, I'm not killin 'im." All in all, I think if you gave any jury this case as it was presented, you'd have gotten the exact same verdict. So, in my ever so humble opinion, I think they gave him guilty because, he was. But they also collectively ate a little crow and said "aight, it wasn't only Green," hence the inability to decide the verdict.

Alright, enough of my rambling bull.

I've got a few thank yous and a few statements of my own to make:
I'd like to thank....the Academy for not really.
There are a few people who need to be greatly thanked for making this/allowing this to happen, and otherwise assisting in the process.

-More than anything, the ridiculously awesome principal of my high school, Mrs. Debbie DeWeese who realized the chance opportunity I had in doing this and bent over backwards to make it happen for me
-Judge Thomas Russell and Vanessa Armstrong for actually allowing a highschooler to be set loose in a Federal trial-- what where you thinking?!
My teachers for being so much more accommodating and understanding when they didn't have to be
-Various ...people, from both sides and the middle, who gave and various other assorted ...things, when you didn't have to. You know who you are.
-Lawyers, right! uhhh, Darren Wolff for the advice, evidence, comedy, and the "what's that little bastard up to this time?" stare. Patty B for the confidence. Scott Dusseldorf for being a Mac dude. Marisa Ford for being the only prosecutor who was willing to talk to me(Lesousky/Skaret, sorry dudes)
-Of course, the parentals. My mom made me sandwiches and ironed my clothes everyday. Dad yelled at me to wake up. If that isn't love, I don't know what is!
-Brett Barrouquere(I spelt that shit RIGHT!) and Jim Frederick for their all-seeing all-knowing incredible intelligence, wisdom, and advice.
-Gail Mellor and Matthew Palevsky for getting me on THE HUFFINGTON POST HOLY SHIT. I can't thank you enough and wouldn't know how if I tried, so I'm not going to.
-Dave Alsup from CNN...for nothing other than answering my questions, not getting mad at the spilt milk, and being a total badass.

My email address is eviio at comcast dot net(you can put the @ and the . in their places). I'm examining my options of continuing my writing. This trial had a huge(not as big as it should've been) following. I don't mind writing, but no offense to anyone in particular, I don't think I could handle sticking to trials/iraq/war crimes/death penalty cases. I have ADD. I've had people tell me to make this blog into a book, if for nothing else to say I've written one. I'm looking into that.

Send me your ideas for the future/my future/ the future of my blog/writing. Send me pictures of your dog. I don't care. I thank all of you for your support and I wish ya well in your life and endeavours. This trial is more or less over. I might come back to post for appeals or something, who knows. But by then, you'll have forgotten about I don't blame you, it's hard not to forget things in todays information-ASAP world. I might also post a link to my new blog, if a new blog is born. We'll see.

It's been real-- Evan Bright

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